happy seven months to my boy. 


We went to a Farm on Friday while Jeremy was at a work conference. I felt pretty brave going to a farm with two kids. Thankfully Philip slept in the ergo the whole time.
To say the least, Brooke was in heaven.

We saw ducks, chickens, cows, goats, and geese. 
We watched a cow be milked and fed the baby goats bottles of milk five times. She played with the geese and chased them around the farm. 
It was the best two hours!


We went the Kansas City Zoo on Saturday and had a blast.
Brooke had so much fun seeing the animals. The Polar Bears and Penguins were her favorite. But she was worried about seeing the Zebras and Giraffes. 
It's quite the Zoo.
We even rode on a little train with the kids. 
Brooke was all smiles; she even made a new black-and-white friend!


Happy fourth of July. 

It's become a tradition, inconsistent albeit, but a tradition nonetheless, to go up to Cassville for a pancake breakfast on July 4th. 

It's always fun to go back to where Jeremy grew up, where we played, went to school, went to church, and got into trouble.

The pancake breakfast is put on by his old church that he attended growing up. He's like a celebrity, people get excited to see him and he's always talking to people. 

We went by his old house to look at it. We were hoping to go inside, but the owners were not home (their dogs were though!)

We also stopped by the Cassville Museum to look at the old Schoolhouse that used to live on their property. Jeremy talked about how he remembers playing in it and having fun. 

 We also stopped by to check on Grandma Sally. Brooke picked out some fun flowers for her. 
She sweetly informed me that Grandma's favorite color is red.
She probably loved that color, sweet girl.


Our local library did something fun for the kids the other day and we decided to check it out. 
It's called Barnyard Buddies and a local farmer brings some of his animals for the kids to see, pet and feed. 
It was pretty crazy and smelly, but Brooke loved it (and that's all I cared about).
There were Water Buffalo, Ducks, Goats, Cows, Sheep and Chickens. 

Brooke was most obsessed about the Goats, Sheep and Ducks. 
She was nervous about feeding them at first, but after the third time, she loved it. It was nice to get her out of her comfort zone and now she asks to see the animals all of the time.

One of our favorite things to do is go outside, turn on the bubble machine and watch them float. 
Brooke was pontificating to Philip about bubbles. 

We went to the Farmers Market and ended up coming home with a fire fighters hat. 
They had neutral feelings about it. 

There's also a fun art piece that we walked by, on our way to the market. Brooke had to check it out (with some convincing)
It's pretty festive!


So much has happened since I last posted. 

5 months.
18lbs. 12oz. 
97% height. 90% weight. 95% head.
Rolls over... and over... and over. 
Tries so hard to bend, but doesn't succeed... yet. 
Giggles and smiles all of the time.
He's found his toes. 
Wears 12 month clothes. 
Absolutely adores Brooke.  

3 years 5 months.
5T clothes. 
Rides her balance bike quite nicely.
Obsessed with swings.
Gets so excited to go on bike rides with dad.
Does an amazing job with her ABC's. 
Loves reading scriptures.
Can't get enough of books.
Favorite color is still green (and she let's you know all of the time)
Loves sparkles. 
Begs to go to the farmers market, every Saturday.
Absolutely adores Philip.


The many faces of my man, Philip.

Philip wasn't impressed with me taking another of them. 

Sibling love. 

All bundled up and ready for Target. 
He's so handsome.