Happy Fourth Birthday, Brooke!

This is such a big year/month for her. 
She started Sunbeams at church. 
Started preschool, twice a week. 
And turned 4.

She is such an amazing helper at home. 
A fantastic, lovable big sister to P. 
Has such a love for books.
Has quite the imagination.
She's a great kid, with so much to offer. 
She's going to shake up the world and I cannot wait to see her do it!

Here's to another year!


Happy First Birthday, Philip!

I never believed people when they said that the first year goes by faster with each child. But oh man, they were right. 

365 days old. 
24 pounds.
8 teeth. 
18-24 month clothes. 
sleeps through the night.
exclusively breastfed. 
slowly accepting food.
loves: black beans, pomegranate seeds, banana muffins, spinach muffins, 
and nutri-grain bars.
hates: any other food. Especially chocolate cake and icing.

He did not appreciate the icing (just like his sister) on his cupcake;
so when we did round 2 of birthday celebrations, we left off the icing and he seemed a bit more ok with the idea of the cupcake.

So excited for another year of fun!



Honestly, I never knew how much fun life could be with kids. 
They make life worth it. 
The way Brooke squealed and gasped;
jumped up and down; 
giggled and smiled. 
The way she helped Philip open his presents
and show him what everything was. 
Philip would smile at her and growl.
It was so sweet. 

Christmas morning was truly magical. 
Some favorites from the rest of the day.


We did the usual lights at the Fayetteville Square. 
Brooke loved it. She has definitely made Christmas so much fun. 
Life through her eyes is amazing and sparkly. 
Philip enjoyed the lights, too.

Brooke announced that she wanted to send Santa a letter this year; so we did. Philip joined in the fun as well. 
They really liked it.

These two are so much fun and so sweet with each other. I cannot get enough of them. 

He is such a cheese.


Brooke, Philip and I headed to Boston for 9 days. 
We had a great time and all the kids enjoyed being together. 
Hultz and Philip were best friends.
Elsie loved on Philip a little too much. 
Caroline and Brooke were inseparable. 

We hopped on the T and headed to Fenway Park to trick or treat. 
It was pretty cool. 

On Halloween Night we headed to Beacon Hill to check out the incredible houses trick-or-treat. 
The decorations were incredible. The people passing out candy were pretty great, too. 
All of the kids loved it and had so much fun. Plus, the buildings were gorgeous.
We walked away with 27 pounds of candy between 4 kids!

Best friends.

Philip was well loved.


We spent the day at the Boston Commons and Public Garden.
Brooke and Caroline were happy running around and playing. 
Fall in the East is perfect. 






We also went to the most incredible chocolate restaurant, max brenner!
So much chocolate. It's pretty great.